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My name is Kinga Adams, and I am a Certified Massage Therapist

& Well-Being Coach with a focus on aligning your mind with your body so you can be in harmony. 

My life experiences have gently, or not so gently, pushed me to study the mind, emotions, and body which lead me to find my purpose.

If your wish is to spend life being in harmony within yourself and live life to your fullest potential, I can guide you in the process.


My mission is to support you on your journey to rediscover who you are

at your core, to connect to the wisdom you carry within and align it with your body, so you can embrace yourself, accept your past & present, and create the life that you always wanted.


My vision is to help people live their lives connected and in full alignment with their mind, body, and soul, and in doing so, create a world where we all love, respect, and support each other, knowing there is no true happiness

if anyone of us is suffering.


Only when You connect with who You are, and You are in love with Yourself can You live life authentically & lovingly

How Can I Support You

Find Your Harmony

‘Have you run out of time again?’, Have you looked after your whole family and forgotten about your

own needs, again?

Have you left your own development for later, like those books stacked on shelves that you really want to read and then never do?


Using my experience and uniqly designed tools that match you, I can help you prioritize your daily life tasks

& commitments that are in alignment with you & your idea of living.


I believe in your individuality; life would be boring otherwise, don’t you think?

What works for someone else might not be working for you, nor should it.



When focusing on creating your harmonious you, we will take into consideration your beliefs, values, needs, personality, preferences, and anything else you find important & relevant.

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Bespoke Massage Therapy

‘How do you appreciate your body? Do you thank it for this beautiful job it is doing every single day for you?

As a professional with over ten-year experience, I can show you how to connect with your body.


Using my experience and intuitive abilities, I can treat your body so it can relax, you can rewind 

& later return to your daily life rejuvenated, with a clearer mind and soothed body.


Do you have reoccurring pains and tightness in your body?

My deep tissue techniques will work the knots and help you regain vitality.



All treatments are based at central or south London locations, subject to availability, or I can travel to your home

Please remember that all offered services are non-sensual in nature. 

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1 to 1 Online Coaching 

Commit to 3 months to see tangible changes and
have the 3rd month


to Work

1 to 1 Online Coaching  60min x 4

£240 per month

What's included:

  • 4 sessions (60min each) per month

  • Unlimited messages (24h response time)

  • free resources

  • Call in emergency/if needed x3 per month

Harmonize Your Mind
& Your Body


£690 per program

What's included:

  • 3 online coaching sessions (60min each) 

  • 4h Tailored Massage treatment   (60min each) 

  • 1h initial coaching session in person

  • system to track your progress

Bespoke Massage

What's on offer:

  • Mobile 90min - £85

  • At a location - Central London or Clapham, 90min - £95  

  • Available treatments are: Holistic Massage, Classic Massage

  • For deep tissue or a healing treatment extra £10 charge apply


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